Way Out West

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It’s come to my attention recently that, although I bang on about seeing different places and itching to see more, I have completely neglected my current hometown – Bristol, in the south west of Britain. My life hasn’t been based here all that long but Bristol is not a place that takes time to make an impression. Pretty much on the very first day here, I got a feel for the area that I live in, and the area that neighbours it, and the town centre, and the Harbourside. And every other area here, to be honest!

I can tell you straight up that there is no place quite like this city. Each individual area or neighbourhood is so different from the next. And the exact same goes for the people that live here. While I can’t say for definite that where I live is ‘Home Sweet Home’ forever, nor can I say that I fit in to a Tee around my present digs, but Bristol can only be described as an experience.

It’s for sure a lively place, there’s pretty much something going on all the time. I have a feeling that something’s bubbling away and ol’ Brizzle, as the locals call it and it’s going to explode in the summertime. Stay tuned, there is a good few posts in the making on this topic…

Clifton Bridge

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