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One Afternoon in Cardiff.


Window Flowers




Back at the start of September my boyfriend and I were slightly at a loss for what to do. This is unlike us as there’s pretty much always something one of us has in mind, or needs to pick up, or wants to visit – you get the idea. This weekend though the sun was shining and nothing was springing to mind. The thought of getting out of town for a little bit was too good to ignore, so we hopped on a train and were fast outta here.

To be honest I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to get to Cardiff – it was a very simple and inexpensive train journey to the central station and the journey was nothing but lush green fields to watch as they fly by. I will admit we definitely could have picked a better day considering there was a pretty major Rugby game on and the town was just heaving with people clad in red jerseys and Welsh dragons painted on their faces. Once the match had started though, the town cleared and we saw what was really on offer. I wasn’t expecting such a lovely, traffic free town centre, not to mention the Castle situated so close to everything else.

A few places we visited were Coffee Barker for a bit of lunch, conveniently found in Castle Parade which is also conveniently full of cute, independent shops. There’s the Castle as I already mentioned – we didn’t get a chance to look around as it requires a bit more time that an hour or so. But after just a little bit of wandering we also found the National Museum of Cardiff, which has a fairly decent Natural History section and also a cracking NME Photography exhibition on at the moment.

So what seemed like it was going to be nothing but an undecided chill day, turned into an afternoon exploring a fab city. Cardiff, you were lovely and I’ll be pleased to make a return visit soon!

Glass roof







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Bristol Coffee Guide

Ice coffee

I distinctly remember hating coffee. I tried a sip of my mum’s latte, hated the bitterness and vowed never to try it again. At the tender age of 16 I started my first job, trained as a barista in a local coffee shop and so began my love story with flat white’s. And latte’s. And the occasional cappuccino. Having now worked in a number of coffee joints and sampled a lot of free coffees, my aversion to the beverage went out the window pretty quickly. My favourite kind of caffeinated beverage often comes from the independent places, rather than your usual high street chain numbers, and Bristol is just full of options. Here are a few of my faves:

Paper Gallery

Star Wars cups


Co-LAB – Paper Gallery:

Co-LAB is a coffee shop with a bit of a difference. Firstly it’s a collaboration with Paper Gallery, a creative enterprise to set up to create and enhance new opportunities for creatives. They have a pretty cool set up going on, with half the shop selling pieces by local businesses and half creative space used by local artists and for workshops. Sitting pretty in the corner is a little coffee shop, ready to convert the shopping masses away from their chain coffee. Until recently Ape About Coffee has been in residence – not worry though, they may be moving on but CoLab will still be there providing for all your caffeine needs.

Crazy Fox front

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The Crazy Fox:

The Crazy Fox is another central place saving us from the evil high street giants (that’s a joke btw, I have been known to visit Costa once or twice). At the moment they’re serving Roasted Rituals coffee, a locally sourced and very popular coffee served at various spots across Bristol. Situated right in the centre of the shopping area with a nice little seating area outside, it’s the perfect spot for a well-earned retail break or a bit of people watching.

Small St

Small St Inside

Small St Coffee

Small St. Espresso:

Small St is small. It’s a genius name really. Found on Small Street in the old town, and housed in a tiny cavernous little shop, it definitely lives up to it’s name. Small St is fast becoming one of my new faves, partly due to the fab coffee and wooden interiors, but also because if you pick the right time of day you can grab a little corner seat where the bright sunlight pours through the massive windows.




Tradewind Espresso:

The newest recruit to the Bristol coffee scene is Tradewind, high up on Whiteladies road. They are the original inventors of Roasted Rituals coffee, and having served the coffee shops of the South West for too long, they’ve now (thankfully) decided to join in. I’ve spoken their praises before over on my Instagram @becca_cart93 but they’re worth a mention here too. They have a beautiful shop front with original stained-glass windows and a great little decking area out back. I sampled the French toast topped with peaches on my visit, whilst my boyf went for a savoury option that gave me serious ordering envy. Oh my lordy is a return visit needed.


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Playground Coffee

Playground Coffee:

Playground Coffee intrigued me for a long time before I made my first visit. The reason I held off for so long is purely because I always found myself there around lunch time when I needed something a little more than a flat white to keep me going. Once I did finally make it, it was fully worth the wait and finding myself there on a rainy Sunday afternoon meant I had full choice of which swing seat to sit it. Yes, a swing seat. The coffee was so smooth and gently rocking on an inside swing might sound a bit odd, but was actually very therapeutic and enjoyable. And it’s not just the swings that call for the name Playground coffee, but more to do with the games room found on the second level.

This is just a quick round up of the places I end up visiting most often, but I’m always on the lookout for somewhere new. Any other places I should add to my list, just lemme know!


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Ten Signs You’re Doing A-Okay.

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Recently I read an article in which the author talked about ‘surviving’ her twenties. That’s crazy, right? Aren’t your twenties supposed to be the time of your life (Dirty Dancing routine included)? Aren’t we all supposed to be in our fab graduate jobs, living better than we ever had and letting loose on the weekends?

I have to say I did agree with the article, having shared many a thought at least once before, if not once a week. The main argument here is that while everyone prepares you for your teenage years, telling you that all the worry and angst and ridiculous hormones flying around will all be worth it once you’ve been to uni, graduated and properly started your life, but actually no one bothers to tell you what it’s like once it’s all over, that your just left astray in the big bad world.

My generation (God, that makes me sound super old) are crashing down to reality after all the hat tossing at graduation and realising that the post uni come-down is a real thing and that putting yourself out there in a harsh world is just as hard as dragging your hungover self into a 9am lecture. This all sounds very negative and as I’ve mentioned before, I prefer to keep it as positive as I can, so in order to prove that actually you’re doing okay, I’ve written a few points down to help you push on through.

  1. You’ve made rent this month – It’s been a long month of working hard (probably in an under paid job) and now it’s reached rent day. The money’s in your account, there was no overdraft needed or a call to the Parental bank. Now you’ve just got to do it all over again next month. If you didn’t make rent, that’s okay, you’re getting there and there will always be next month to try again.
  2. There’s a plant in your house and it’s still alive – mine might be a cactus, the most low maintenance plant out there but nevertheless it’s alive! Sadly, the same can’t be said for the succulent.
  3. Birthday cards are posted on time – With all my friends spread out across the country now, birthday cards/ presents arrive courtesy of the Royal Mail, rather than a knock on the door, bottle of vodka in hand, and party dress on. Which brings me on to my next point.
  4. You have stamps on your person. Either in your purse or in your desk or just floating around with the rest of the crap at the bottom of your handbag. Doesn’t matter which applies, the point is you always prepared for that letter you might have to send.
  5. There are three or more types of tea in your cupboard. Because these days you prefer the choice of everyday tea, green, peppermint, maybe a lemon and ginger. Gone are the days of Tesco value tea bags being the only option for a hot beverage.
  6. Hand cream has become a staple in your life. You have a tube that comes along with you and you rejoice in applying it multiple times a day. Because if you’re past 21 now, then your hands are old and wrinkly obviously.
  7. Likewise with the hand cream, you’ve finally given in and are carry plasters around with you. I should have learnt this lesson long ago but I was too stubborn in my youth, instead preferring to hobble around with multiple blisters. No more I tell you. I will stop in the street and apply those life-saving bad boys.
  8. You actually enjoy making your bed every morning. There’s so much difference between throwing yourself out of bed and running for your morning lecture, and just climbing out of bed, straightening the sheets and getting on with your day. Trust me on this one.
  9. You eat what you like. There’s something quite satisfying with being able to eat anything off the menu, or saying ‘It’s okay, I’ll eat anything’. Except raw tomatoes, because I’m never getting over that one.
  10. You’re moving on and things can only get better. This is a nice point to end on.


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Top 5 Blogs for a Weekend Read


Full Length

You’ll have to forgive my make up-free, slightly sullen face (it’s resting bitch face and it plagues me every day), but in the name of authenticity, I had to include it. This is pretty much where you’ll find me of a Sunday afternoon/eve – snacks optional and dependant on mood. As well as this little spec of a blog there’s also a pretty long list of really great blogs that I follow and read on the reg. Some I’ve followed for years, others are more new to my radar but each and every one of them are fabulous in their own right. Grab some tea and possibly some choccy, and with out further ado:



Carrie from WishWishWish pretty much introduced me to the blogging community. Not personally of course, but stumbling across her blog opened my eyes to a new space of the internet where people were creating their own content and it was exactly what I wanted to read. WishWishWish is a blog I just keep coming back to – mostly because of the beautiful photography and varied content from fashion, lifestyle and travel.

Hannah Gale


Hannah Gale is a lady who knows where it’s at. Her blog is basically the written version of what goes through my mind on a daily basis. In fact it’s probably what most, if not all, twenty-something women are thinking every day. If you’re ever in need of a bit of assurance that you’re not alone, or need some actual realistic tips on how to do life, than Hannah’s your gal.

Top With Cinnamon 


Issy Hossack makes a lot of us look like major slackers. At 19 she’s already published her own cook book Top With Cinnamon and runs a very successful blog. I came across Issy through Instagram – her feed is not something to look at when you’re really hungry and nowhere near a fridge, but is now a regular for inspiration if I feel the need to bake something.

Vivianna Does Makeup 


If you ever need a beauty fix then just pop on over Anna’s blog. As well as a super nice clean layout, there’s also daily posts on beauty, fitness and general life with straight forward honest opinions. I now have a lust list of products that I’m dying to buy thanks to Anna. She also has a cracking YouTube channel, if that also floats your boat.

Paris In Four Months 


Ive mentioned Carin’s blog on here before but just to clarify she’s basically living my dream life. After moving from Sweden to Paris Carin is now an amazing photographer, working with the likes of Dior and Lanvin. Her blog has me itching for my passport and the Eurostar and as she’s not technically trained (just hugely talented!) I feel like there’s hope for me yet.

So if you’re at a loss this afternoon have a little read. There are thousands of blogs out there but these are just a few that I always come back to for a little source of inspiration.




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Is Bare Leg Season Over Already?

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Close up

Even though Summer barely even arrived, Autumn is now right around the corner. It is one of my favourite seasons, so I can’t say I’m sorry to see the end of this weird non-summer that we’ve had in the UK but with the odd splash of sunshine still lingering around I’m trying to make the most of it. That means sitting outside as often as possible (even if you end up shivering), wearing sunglasses even if it’s actually pretty grey and one last outing with my bare pale pins. Soon I’ll be dusting off my tights again, and my legs will return to their so-pale-they’re-basically-translucent state, and remain that way until about July next year. Maybe this should be the winter I embrace the bottled variety of tan…

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A Night at the Circus.

Giffords Van




The last time I went to the circus I was probably about 14 and I’m sorry to say, but poor old Zippo’s Circus left a lot to be desired. There was a creepy clown, a token acrobat and a ring master that was well past his prime. So when invited to the circus once again I had a few reservations about what it would entail this time.

The circus in question was Gifford’s Circus who tour the Cotswolds pretty much every summer and what can I say?! A lot has changed since I last visited the Big Top. Gifford’s is not like every other circus; it’s 1930’s themed and just as funny as a comedy show. This years show, titled ‘Moon Stories’, has been directed by Cal McCrystal who’s previously directed The Mighty Boosh and other comedies. I willing to put money on saying that this year is better than any of the previous years, especially with other members of the audiences claiming ‘it gets better every time!’. Thanks to the band the music was on point, the clown was plain hilarious and not one bit creepy, and there was a man shot out of an actual cannon. Genius.

Just to add to the magic, Gifford’s have a travelling restaurant which seats are hotly sought after. It being an outing for my boyf’s birthday, we hopped inside their tent  and were seated at an Emma Bridgewater-laid table of dreams. It was a pretty cracking Friday night and I highly encourage you to leave all your past circus nightmare’s behind. Gifford’s have got a new take and it’s pretty damn funny.

Tuck Shop



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