A Night at the Circus.

Giffords Van




The last time I went to the circus I was probably about 14 and I’m sorry to say, but poor old Zippo’s Circus left a lot to be desired. There was a creepy clown, a token acrobat and a ring master that was well past his prime. So when invited to the circus once again I had a few reservations about what it would entail this time.

The circus in question was Gifford’s Circus who tour the Cotswolds pretty much every summer and what can I say?! A lot has changed since I last visited the Big Top. Gifford’s is not like every other circus; it’s 1930’s themed and just as funny as a comedy show. This years show, titled ‘Moon Stories’, has been directed by Cal McCrystal who’s previously directed The Mighty Boosh and other comedies. I willing to put money on saying that this year is better than any of the previous years, especially with other members of the audiences claiming ‘it gets better every time!’. Thanks to the band the music was on point, the clown was plain hilarious and not one bit creepy, and there was a man shot out of an actual cannon. Genius.

Just to add to the magic, Gifford’s have a travelling restaurant which seats are hotly sought after. It being an outing for my boyf’s birthday, we hopped inside their tent  and were seated at an Emma Bridgewater-laid table of dreams. It was a pretty cracking Friday night and I highly encourage you to leave all your past circus nightmare’s behind. Gifford’s have got a new take and it’s pretty damn funny.

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