Top 5 Blogs for a Weekend Read


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You’ll have to forgive my make up-free, slightly sullen face (it’s resting bitch face and it plagues me every day), but in the name of authenticity, I had to include it. This is pretty much where you’ll find me of a Sunday afternoon/eve – snacks optional and dependant on mood. As well as this little spec of a blog there’s also a pretty long list of really great blogs that I follow and read on the reg. Some I’ve followed for years, others are more new to my radar but each and every one of them are fabulous in their own right. Grab some tea and possibly some choccy, and with out further ado:



Carrie from WishWishWish pretty much introduced me to the blogging community. Not personally of course, but stumbling across her blog opened my eyes to a new space of the internet where people were creating their own content and it was exactly what I wanted to read. WishWishWish is a blog I just keep coming back to – mostly because of the beautiful photography and varied content from fashion, lifestyle and travel.

Hannah Gale


Hannah Gale is a lady who knows where it’s at. Her blog is basically the written version of what goes through my mind on a daily basis. In fact it’s probably what most, if not all, twenty-something women are thinking every day. If you’re ever in need of a bit of assurance that you’re not alone, or need some actual realistic tips on how to do life, than Hannah’s your gal.

Top With Cinnamon 


Issy Hossack makes a lot of us look like major slackers. At 19 she’s already published her own cook book Top With Cinnamon and runs a very successful blog. I came across Issy through Instagram – her feed is not something to look at when you’re really hungry and nowhere near a fridge, but is now a regular for inspiration if I feel the need to bake something.

Vivianna Does Makeup 


If you ever need a beauty fix then just pop on over Anna’s blog. As well as a super nice clean layout, there’s also daily posts on beauty, fitness and general life with straight forward honest opinions. I now have a lust list of products that I’m dying to buy thanks to Anna. She also has a cracking YouTube channel, if that also floats your boat.

Paris In Four Months 


Ive mentioned Carin’s blog on here before but just to clarify she’s basically living my dream life. After moving from Sweden to Paris Carin is now an amazing photographer, working with the likes of Dior and Lanvin. Her blog has me itching for my passport and the Eurostar and as she’s not technically trained (just hugely talented!) I feel like there’s hope for me yet.

So if you’re at a loss this afternoon have a little read. There are thousands of blogs out there but these are just a few that I always come back to for a little source of inspiration.




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