Ten Signs You’re Doing A-Okay.

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Recently I read an article in which the author talked about ‘surviving’ her twenties. That’s crazy, right? Aren’t your twenties supposed to be the time of your life (Dirty Dancing routine included)? Aren’t we all supposed to be in our fab graduate jobs, living better than we ever had and letting loose on the weekends?

I have to say I did agree with the article, having shared many a thought at least once before, if not once a week. The main argument here is that while everyone prepares you for your teenage years, telling you that all the worry and angst and ridiculous hormones flying around will all be worth it once you’ve been to uni, graduated and properly started your life, but actually no one bothers to tell you what it’s like once it’s all over, that your just left astray in the big bad world.

My generation (God, that makes me sound super old) are crashing down to reality after all the hat tossing at graduation and realising that the post uni come-down is a real thing and that putting yourself out there in a harsh world is just as hard as dragging your hungover self into a 9am lecture. This all sounds very negative and as I’ve mentioned before, I prefer to keep it as positive as I can, so in order to prove that actually you’re doing okay, I’ve written a few points down to help you push on through.

  1. You’ve made rent this month – It’s been a long month of working hard (probably in an under paid job) and now it’s reached rent day. The money’s in your account, there was no overdraft needed or a call to the Parental bank. Now you’ve just got to do it all over again next month. If you didn’t make rent, that’s okay, you’re getting there and there will always be next month to try again.
  2. There’s a plant in your house and it’s still alive – mine might be a cactus, the most low maintenance plant out there but nevertheless it’s alive! Sadly, the same can’t be said for the succulent.
  3. Birthday cards are posted on time – With all my friends spread out across the country now, birthday cards/ presents arrive courtesy of the Royal Mail, rather than a knock on the door, bottle of vodka in hand, and party dress on. Which brings me on to my next point.
  4. You have stamps on your person. Either in your purse or in your desk or just floating around with the rest of the crap at the bottom of your handbag. Doesn’t matter which applies, the point is you always prepared for that letter you might have to send.
  5. There are three or more types of tea in your cupboard. Because these days you prefer the choice of everyday tea, green, peppermint, maybe a lemon and ginger. Gone are the days of Tesco value tea bags being the only option for a hot beverage.
  6. Hand cream has become a staple in your life. You have a tube that comes along with you and you rejoice in applying it multiple times a day. Because if you’re past 21 now, then your hands are old and wrinkly obviously.
  7. Likewise with the hand cream, you’ve finally given in and are carry plasters around with you. I should have learnt this lesson long ago but I was too stubborn in my youth, instead preferring to hobble around with multiple blisters. No more I tell you. I will stop in the street and apply those life-saving bad boys.
  8. You actually enjoy making your bed every morning. There’s so much difference between throwing yourself out of bed and running for your morning lecture, and just climbing out of bed, straightening the sheets and getting on with your day. Trust me on this one.
  9. You eat what you like. There’s something quite satisfying with being able to eat anything off the menu, or saying ‘It’s okay, I’ll eat anything’. Except raw tomatoes, because I’m never getting over that one.
  10. You’re moving on and things can only get better. This is a nice point to end on.


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3 responses to “Ten Signs You’re Doing A-Okay.

  1. I loved your list!!! It was funny and really gave me some consolation and proof that I am actually doing ok even though I am a striving 20 year old 😉


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