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Four Ways To Enjoy An Autumn Weekend.

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Are you sick of Autumn based posts yet? I know I’ve read my fair share of them, but since this is only my second seasonal post I figured you’d all forgive me, right? I always feel that the weekends in Autumn are slightly different to other seasons of the year, especially now that the clocks have changed. Having a shorter amount of daylight makes me want to get up and run around trying to fit everything in, because once it gets to four o’clock it’s just a race to get home and into the warm before it’s dark once again. So I’ve come up with a few ideas to help make the most of the shorter hours and of course, the colder air and crispy orange leaves.


  1. Lunchin’ and Brunchin’

Brunch is actually one of my favourite mealtimes, if it even counts as an official mealtime. Man, I just love anything where eggs on toast is a firm favourite. And possibly pancakes too. But soon it wont be getting light until about eight thirty in the morning, which on a weekday is more OH MA GAAD WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME, but on a weekend simply means you’re not allowed to get up until you can see sun in the sky. The next appropriate meal after that is brunch; one to enjoy while catching up with friends and coffee just tastes so much better when you don’t have to throw in back and run back to the office.

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2. Countryside Walks

Lets be clear here – I’m not a hiker. In terms of exercise I like it to be short and sweet and I tend to be in and out of the gym in about 45mins. So a long, drawn out climb up a mountain is not really the one for me. BUT who doesn’t want to run like a child through piles of fallen leaves? Autumn is the perfect time to really enjoy what the countryside has to offer. There’s no high sun turning you into a sweaty mess after the first mile, and the leaves are still around rather than the spindle-y stumps that are left in winter.

photo 1

3. Carve a lil Pumpkin

Whether you have embraced Halloween into your life as a full on holiday to celebrate, or you aren’t really that bothered about the scariest day of the year there’s no way to avoid the mountains of pumpkins dotted around every supermarket in the country. It’s the perfect way to dip a toe in the day if your not that bothered, and get a little craft action going on. One year when I was still a student, my friends and I left it too late for a pumpkin and had to resort to carving a face in a melon instead. Has to be said, it was a lot tastier…

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4. Pay a Visit

This is not strictly an Autumn weekend activity but I get excited about day trips at any time of the year. I tend to get a bit restless by the end of the day if I haven’t got out for some air and seen a few things, so day trips are a regular feature for me. My recent one to London included the Ai Weiwei exhibition at the Royal Academy. I would highly recommend a visit and it’s right across the street from Fortnum & Maison, perfect for a little post-exhibition snoop around their pretty displays.

These are just a few ideas of what I like to get up to while it’s not so cold you need five layers on before leaving the house. I’m always up for trying something new though, so let me know if there’s something to add!


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The Classic Autumn Combo

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Me 2

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How many times have you read that Autumn is a bloggers favourite season? Probably more times than you can put up with by now. But here we go again, as Autumn is indeed one of my favourite seasons. It has a certain feel to it that I’m pretty sure comes from years and years of starting a fresh new school year. Now I’m no longer in education I’ve quickly come to the realisation that life goes on in very much the same way when you don’t have exciting things like six week summer holidays and new classes to start in September – but nevertheless Autumn produces a strange mix of nostalgia and excitement for the upcoming months.

Although the shops have had their winter pieces out since about July, it’s only since the weather has turned considerably cooler that I have been fully embracing the new season. Other bloggers have had their mustard/burgundy woollen numbers, ankle boots and Starbucks take away cups all over Instagram for weeks and I’ve only just got my favourite scarf out of storage – but I’ve never been one to get to the party particularly early anyway. My outfit in these photos is pretty much my A/W15 uniform – I’m a sucker for a piece of knitwear, some ankle boots and some sort of denim item and I’ll probably be wearing my favourite jacket until it’s too far cold for it and I’m forced back into my much fluffier number.

Oxford provided the perfect background with its old sandstone colleges and I tried to find the leafiest wall possible to stand in front of. I think it looks seasonable enough to warrant a Pumpkin Spice latte in one of those illustrated cups!

Jacket – Miss Selfridge (old – similar) | Skirt – Marks and Spencer | Jumper – H&M | Boots – Primark



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Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And More Cake.

Cake 2

It’s a bit of bad timing on my part that I’ve got two cake related posts in the same week. That’s my bad but I think it can be excused because CAKE, right? The first was the professional cake for when you need a super tasty treat and you can read all about it here. This cake is some of my own making, so don’t mind the shake-y hand icing, but it was baked with speed after work, ready for the work bake sale the next day. And coloured pink to match the cause – Breast Cancer Awareness.

Here in the UK the month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I think it’s difficult to find a family or group of friends who haven’t been affected by cancer and it’s a cause close to my heart. Every year 55,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer – that’s the equivalent of one every 10 minutes. My office had a Pink Day and a bake sale to raise some support for the charity. Sadly this bought me to the realisation that I own absolutely-God-damn-nothing pink. That must be rectified sharpish. So instead I baked a few little pink cupcakes and if you want to give some support to you can do so right here.


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Where to Have Your Cake and Eat It: Bristol

Cake 2

I don’t think I have ever lived in a place where literally every culinary need and desire is pretty much taken care of. In Bristol you can find such an array of cuisines that even the fussiest of eaters can find something really good. It almost makes me long for the days when Pizza Express was the only place in my repertoire and budget. St Nicks market in the Old Town is a lunch time delight for the hard working people of Bristol. Under the glass arcade is an abundance of stalls all serving the freshest of food from falafel, to sausages, to flatbreads and hummus.

But what about if you need something a little sweeter to get you through the afternoon back at the office? This is where Ahh Toots come in to save your sweet tooth from a miserable afternoon. They’re nestled amongst the other stalls, they have a cart full of different flavoured cake. They have some really unique creations such as Croissant cake (sign me up right here) and even an ombre cake. They cater for intolerances with a selection of gluten free choices and each is decorated so beautifully it makes you wonder how they can slice into them every day. They have a small seating area if you’ve got some time to sit and watch the hustle and bustle of St Nicks market or just take your cake to-go and watch the office jealousy unfurl.

If like me, you often spend your lunch times running around dealing with errands that you CBA with after work, and then enjoy a sorry looking sandwich back at your desk, then maybe you’ll be looking for a little summin’ summin’ at the weekend? Harbourside market takes place every Saturday and Sunday and they seem to have expanded slightly in recent weeks. Included in this mini-expansion is The Big O Donut Co. selling, you guessed it, donuts! They have a slightly different Polish dough recipe which I’m not sure how it makes them different, but the proof is literally in the pudding. The blackberry and almond was pretty damn tasty.

This post was mostly produced out sadness at the loss of the Bake Off (what am I supposed to do with my evening now!) but if there are any other places I should take my sweet tooth for a visit, just lemme know…



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Independently Published.

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For longer than I will ever admit to anyone I have spent far too much money on magazines. From my childhood pocket money, earnt by managing to keep my bedroom from looking like a Barbie massacre had occurred, to my hard earned barista wages – if I didn’t have a hardcore magazine habit I could possibly be very rich by now.

But I have no regrets, I love spending my time and money on a number of great publications and I probably always will. It’s the combination of words and design that keep me coming back on a weekly or monthly basis, ready for all the fresh new content that’s been carefully curated and beautifully put together. Of course, some were not so carefully chosen and far more to do with my need to know what’s going on in Kim K’s life (I am not ashamed). On the whole, although I’ll never say never to another celebrity mag, my tastes have improved and matured enough to move on to a totally different kettle of published fish. The independent titles.


I first came across these publications by finding Cereal magazine and even then I think it was only through my publishing course and proximity to Bristol, the mags birth place, that I heard about it. This was then followed by a long Insta-stalk before finally getting my keen little hands on a copy of my own. Primarily a travel mag, it’s mostly a combination of beautiful photography and articles about places that are now secured on my ‘Must Visit’ list. They also have really fab little guides for a number of cities, with the best and most stylish places to sleep, eat, see and shop – all can be found on their equally stylish website.

So what started as a one independent magazine habit quickly turned into more when Suitcase mag came trotting happily into my life. Another Travel + Fashion themed beauty of a publication that has a style closer to your traditional fashion mags, but even more pretty and interesting to read. If you’re anything like me a quick flick through these pages will induce a wanderlust so bad that you immediately start checking flight prices and finding a fab Airbnb. Ahhh to be able to just fly away…

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The final mag from my little selection here is another new one to me. Unlike the others this is a free journal covering multiple areas across South East London. Since I hail from this particular region and having heard about its growing regeneration, this little publication is far better than any local newspaper. Not only am I excited to see something far more interesting design-wise, but all the contributors are actually from the SE neighbourhoods too and promoting any independent coffee shops or smaller fashion outlets is something I’m very keen to support. I mean, can you get much more authentic. It’s making me think I should throw my hat into the ring for the next issue.

As far as my magazine habit goes I’m also looking to get hold of Betty magazine, maybe even a copy of Frankie too just to boast my collection and give more than a little inspiration for when I’m lacking. Are there any other titles I should keep an eye out for?


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