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A Low-key Evening Make up Look


This seems to be the make up look of doubles – double foundation, double mascara… But anyway, no matter how many products I have doubled up on this is my guide to a low key evening look that ensures you look like you’ve gone to some effort but your face isn’t going to wipe off on somebody when you go in for a hug.

Let’s kick it all off with the base and my new favourite product, the Soap and Glory One Heck of a Blot primer. I’ve been noticing recently that during the day, maybe an hour or so after lunch I get a few shiny patches appearing. This is all very new and exciting having had the driest skin for my entire life. I think it might have something to do with looking at a computer screen all day, but nevertheless it’s led me to this wonder product. It smooths on and keeps everything looking semi-matt for the rest of the day. Following that the only reason I have doubled up on foundations is because my Bourjois CC cream doesn’t have quite enough coverage when I want a really flawless base.


For cheeks I went for a super pretty flush of pink, nothing too bright as I’m well aware of what the effect a glass of wine does to my face (oh hello bright red wine face!). Then I focussed mainly on slapping the highlighter in all the right places. This Collection highlighter is my go-to at the moment and super easy to use in it’s handy cream stick form.


Now we’ve got to the eye section we hit the doubling up big time. This Maybelline cream shadow gives a really nice base colour to add on to. From there I added a bit of sparkle with my Topshop gold shadow stick which is perfect at distributing a nice layer over the eyelid. To finish the look I like to add a nice simple cat flick with the Soap and Glory Supercat liner. For mascara we’ve got one more double up of products. The Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara is perfect at beefing up the lashes, but I like to add a layer of L’oreal Telescopic to lengthen as well.


And finally… the lips! I have to admit I did not go for a bright red lip when I wore this look, but that’s because there was dinner involved and I didn’t want to run in to that ‘really dark line around the outside, and nothing on the inside’ look. So the option is to go for a nice postbox red like this Avon number which will look fab with the slightly brown-y/gold eye, or pair it with a nude if you plan on eating in peace. Voilà!


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The Doors of Norwich


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Pink House

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As I mentioned I was going to in a post not so long ago, I recently paid a little visit to the main city of Norfolk, Norwich. Having not visited before I didn’t really know what to expect, and since coming home I still can’t quite put my finger on the general vibe of Norwich. I liked it for sure, the town centre is a lovely mix of green squares and little lanes, like Brighton but on a larger scale. I think it’s the outer edges that confused me, they seem to turn into countryside much quicker than other cities, especially London or Bristol. A more country-fied city, if there is such a thing.

However small a city it might be there are still so many great places to visit. My trip was mainly to visit a friend so involved a lot of eating and drinking and catching up, so the vast majority of happened to be bars, coffee shops and restaurants, just as a little warning. If you’re looking for some really good coffee then Strangers Coffee and Artel (more to come on this!) are both excellent choices. For a nice casual pint I recommend Playhouse, but be prepared to sit outside whatever the weather. In terms of food we popped into Franks for some dinner – great for a large range from big meals, fab salads and smaller tapsa-y dishes. Just down the road there’s a classic fish and chip shop, famous for doing deliveries to the pub next door, so you can enjoy your cod with a nice pint.

In terms of things to see and do Norwich is the perfect size for a little weekend roadtrip. There’s a castle for something that takes up a bit more time, and also a cathedral that’s well worth a look. Mousehold Heath is slightly out of town but fab for a walk in the woods and great panorama of the city. As you can see from these photos I was rather taken with exploring the older side of the city and took a fancy to many of the doors and shop fronts.

If you have a car then head out to the beach to spot a few seal puppys. The weather prevented us from doing so, but word is that you can get pretty close without them flopping back out to sea. Observe responsibly though, it’s their home after all. No doubt I’ll definitely be back to see them…

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How to ‘Keep Your Chin Up’

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I feel like we’ve hit the time of year, between the end of autumn and the start of proper winter, when you’ve lost the joy and nostalgia of autumn but not yet in full festive swing of December. It’s a tough time of year. Maybe you’re saving all your pennies for Christmas, or maybe you’re trying to dodge the never ending rain that we seem to get this time every year. Whatever the case may be, it can be hard to ‘keep your chin up’, to coin my Mum’s favourite phrase. Here are a few ideas that I like to make sure I do each week, or whenever I feel I need a little cheering up and setting back upright.

  1. Fresh Air

Fresh air can really do wonders for you. It clears your head, helps you feel freer and if it’s particularly windy it can give you some nice rose-y cheeks that make you look like the picture of health even if you’re feeling the opposite. Whatever it is that’s worrying you, just leave it where it is and go for a brisk walk. When you get back you’ll have a clearer mind, a new perspective and things won’t seem so bad.

  1. Get Active, Stay Healthy

Similar to getting some fresh air a little bit of exercise can really help when you’re feeling less than energised. Going for a run or trying out a new gym class can really take your mind off what’s bothering you and by the end you’ll be left feeling ten times better for it. Likewise with staying healthy – I will admit that I sometimes don’t practise what I’m preaching here. For me when I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed/stressed/sad, whatever the feeling, I have a really bad habit of thinking the answer is in the bottom of an ice cream tub. IT’S NOT and I guarantee I always feel worse after. It’s time to learn my lesson and go for a banana instead.

  1. Treat Yo’ Self

This may sound like I’m contradicting myself here but the key is to find other things to treat yourself with. There’s no sense in pushing yourself more and more when your unhappy – it’s time to take a step back, have a bath, buy that new bag you’ve been looking at for months or go to the cinema. Whatever you think you would make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside is exactly what you should do right now. Treat yo’ self!

  1. Friends

I don’t mean the TV show here, although that is also a sure-fire way of creating a happy atmosphere too. The worst thing you can do when you’re feeling sad is make yourself sad and alone. Invite some friends round, have a catchup, have some wine and maybe even a cry. By the end of the evening you’ll be really glad you did and you’ll probably have laughed more than you ever thought you would at this point.

  1. Set a Goal

This is not something that I do on a weekly basis, but have a think about something you really want to achieve and work out the steps to get you there. Maybe it’s a career goal, a personal goal, a fitness goal, or maybe you really want to go travelling in the near future. Break it down into small small steps and complete them every week, until you get to the end goal. You might learn something along the way, or the goal might even change. But change can definitely be a good thing, you just gotta get going!

These are just a few little ideas that I like to think about occasionally. My favourites are #1 and #4, possibly even #5 too. What are your tips and tricks to keeping a smile on your face? Let me know if there are any other points I should include!


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Hello November

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Last week I successfully missed my usual Wednesday post by a pretty wide margin. It was strange, but my planned post was postponed (excuse the alliteration) because I went from feeling completely inspired to write a fab piece about travelling, to feeling like I just couldn’t get the words out in the way I wanted.

So a week late, but here’s a different kind of post; a kind of round up of October and look forward to November (even though we’re about a third of the way through the month…). There’s a couple of favourite things and a few things I’m certainly looking forward to coming up in the month. So without any further delays, let’s get this show on the road:

Party Pieces

Pretty Party Items:

At the very end of October I had a rare invite to a party that actually had a dress code. I may seem a bit over excited about a house party where the average age was between 50-60 years old, but hey I got some super pretty things to wear to it. An outfit of firsts for me as I threw together a very adventurous all-black outfit featuring this lacy jumpsuit and cheeky pointed flats. Somebody call the colour police. I did however, sass it up a bit with a rose gold nail polish. You heard me right, ROSE GOLD. I might even do a little post on my low-key evening makeup routine.

Jumpsuit – Missguided | Shoes – River Island | Orly Nail Polish – Free with Elle magazine (November Issue)

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Knit wear, all day errryday:

My body thermometer is so very confused right now. It’s November and I’m pretty sure this time last year I was wearing my big fluffy coat and a scarf and a hat. And probably some mittens too. This year, while I desperately want to cover my body in knitted items it’s so freakin’ mild right now. I get all autumn ready in the morning and then end up a sweaty mess by the time I reach the office. So here’s hoping the temperature drops ever so slightly in November and I can fulfil all my cold weather clothing dreams.


In a few weekends time my boyfriend and I will be trekking across the country to Norwich in Norfolk. I’ve said on here before that it can be difficult to create a travel blog while working full time and having a limited amount of funds. But what I sometimes forget is that my own country has some very beautiful places to visit that I haven’t been to before – and without the expense of a plane ticket. We’re off to visit some friends, but I’m going to make sure I take lots of photos and get a few good recommendations to share with those who might be interested!

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Prague and the C word:

Speaking of travel I am actually venturing across the border to European soil at the end of November! I’m off the Prague for a few days of winter-y escape – a gals trip with my Mum and my Gran. The C word is not what you’ll be thinking but in fact, Christmas. I still feel it’s far too early to be talking about all things festive, but the main reason for our little adventure is to check out what delights the Prague Christmas market will have on offer. My Mum and I seem to have made a bit of an unofficial tradition out of these markets, starting from when I was a student. The Bath Christmas market is pretty unrivalled, mainly because Bath is such a picturesque place, but in recent years we made it to a few further afield including Bruges, whose market may have been a bit of a let-down, but definitely knocked Bath off the picturesque podium. By the time the end of November rolls around I’m hoping to feel distinctly more festive. Either way I’m super excited to head off on a little adventure, because those ladies sure know how to have a giggle.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little round-up and update of what’s rockin’ and rollin’ in my life at the moment. I think writing this post has got my creative juices aflowing again and hopefully my less than inspired spell was just a fleeting moment in what will be a month full of posts.


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