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A Detox(lite) To Try


So we’re now over a week into the new year. Personally I’ve finally finished off the last box of Celebrations, there’s a few chocolate coins left hanging around and I’ve got a chocolate teddybear that I’m saving for a rainy day/PMS nightmare. Sadly I have no excuses left and it’s time to start the ol’ healthy lifestyle again.

For me it’s not too difficult to stay on the healthier side of things – I do actually enjoy fruit and veg and exercise and often if I’m in a bad mood it’s becuase I’m aware that it’s slipped and I’m anticipating getting it back on track. The festive period is a slippery slope and it’s not uncommon that we all fall off the wagon and face first into the roast potatoes. I’m no health guru but I do know a few bits and pieces that make living a slightly healthier lifestyle all that bit easier to manage. They’re a few pointers in the right direction and make a transition from full-on elasticated clothing period, to one where you feel a whole lot brighter and lighter at the start of the week.

Despite the title of this post I’m not actually advocating a detox here. As I’ve already said it’s taken me a week to get rid of the last remaining treats (and of course I’ve eaten them, rather than taken them to work like others would have…) and going from zero to ten on January 1st seems to me like a sure fire way of falling at the first hurdle. So I give you a detox-lite instead.

Get back in the flow:

For me once I’m off my game it’s so much harder to get back into things. For a week or two before Christmas I completely stopped exercising adn going to the gym. I just didn’t want to. It was raining and grey and the thought of getting all sweaty – no thank you. So I stopped going and I felt worse for it but this week I’ve made it back to my lunchtime gym session. It was onlt twice a week but it was way better than nothing. You’ve just got to ease yourself back in gently to remind yourself of why it feels better to go.

Porridge (and healthy food in general!)

I can hear the groans all around! Porridge is not all that bad, guys. It is actually one of my favourite breakfasts and one that I have most mornings. It’s super quick to make, keeps you full all morning and one way to get around the general blandness of it is to add as many and as adventurous toppings as you care for. I’m talking honey, bananas, fruit, dried fruit, nuts,seeds, nut butters…

Clear desk, clear mind:

This may seem like an odd point but I feel it definitely comes into play when talking about a healthy lifestyle. With clean and tidy surroundings I generally feel so much more motivated to get things done. I’m not constantly trying to sort through papers and looking for my trainers under piles of clothes. This is also a good point for a bit of a mental detox – if there are certain things that you keep putting off and are weighing you down, then get them ticked off your to do list and carry on with your day on a positive note.

All this being said, I have fully enjoyed the festive period and don’t regret even one of my pigs-in-blankets. Life is all about balance and it’s something that we’re all still learning. Let’s focus on creating positivity in our lives and detox out the negatives. It’d be a pretty good way to start the year, even if it is a lite version.





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The Year Ahead.


So the sun has well and truely set on the last day of the year. This post was supposed to go live on January 1st, but there have been some internet issues that go beyond my control. But enough with the excuses – for New Years I was in Wales with my boyfriend and his family and friends, as they celebrate with a little trip away every year. As I’m not one to go all out at New Year, it’s always seems slightly anti-climatic to me, so something a bit more casual is right up my street.

I thought rather than look back on the year, I would again look forward to the next year and things to come. I am trying to avoid the whole ‘lose weight, keep fit’ resolution type post so hopefully things won’t stray into that territory.

  1. Blogging

2015 has been the year I have really committed to my little blog. Girlglobalising has become a proper hobby for me and something I really really enjoy working on. WordPress tells me I’ve posted 53 posts this year, so just over one per week, which I think is something to be both proud of and improve on. Next year will be focused on increasing that to a couple of regular posts per week, definitely a redesign and possibly a look at some self-hosting options.

2. Photography

Kinda linked to point número uno, but this year I’m going to try really hard at getting to grips with my camera. And to start with I will be reading the whole manual! I was lucky enough to receive a snazzy new lens for Christmas so I’m hoping to take a few half decent photos with it.

3. Zen

This is a more personal point but 2016 will be the year I transform, Buddha-style into someone completely at peace. I may be going slightly to far with that statement but what I’m focussing on are the little things – stupid little things that normally make my mood take a fast downturn when really they can’t be helped. I’m talking about late trains, time keeping, comments for people who don’t really matter, just dealing when the best laid plans still don’t work out. I’m going to close my eyes, count to ten, slap a smile on and carry on with my day.

4. Travel

I mean, if it wasn’t already pretty obvious, to me the world is an oyster that I really want to explore. I’ve already curated a little post on my wishlist for this year and actually I have already booked some tickets for a little adventure in February! This year I’m hoping to explore the world and my own country more and more.

5. Consciousness

One final point that I’m going to focus on in the upcoming year is to be more conscious. That’s not to say I would walk past my Mum in the street becuase I’m so busy away with the fairies, but I mean the amount of times I walk back to check if I locked the car door (yes, every time!). Focus is key and I’m going to make sure I’m conscious of everything that’s going on. This will also come into some more personal goals of mine. There’s no more time for losing track of how many biscuits you’ve had – it’s time to be conscious of all sourrounding as well as your own body and mind.

Lets hope 2016 brings some wonderfulness to every single person this year.




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Perfect Post Christmas Lips


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I thought about writing this post before Christmas because I was all ‘Oh ma gawwd I own a piece of Chanel!’ excited, but it then crossed my mind that it would get lost amongst all the festive red lip offerings from multiple other bloggers at this time of year. So instead I offer you the perfect post Christmas lipstick. The kind you can pop on after all the pillar box matte reds from the office parties and Christmas Day.

I picked up this handy little beauty in Duty Free on my way back from Prague and it has to be one of the nicest lipsticks I’ve ever used. I picked the colour Boheme as it seemed fitting having just visiting a place with a certain amount of Bohemian history and it’s the perfect light red-almost pink colour. It’s part of the Rouge Coco Shine range and is so light and moisturising – perfect if you’ve been hitting the all drying matte liquid lipsticks and stains to hard. It will definitely be a firm favourite of mine well into the new year.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

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2016’s Travel Wishlist

It’s that time of year when my Bloglovin’ feed is full of roundups and what-I’ve-Learnt and lookbacks and while I will probably do one of these posts myself (it’s a blogger obligatory, right?) I thought I would jump the gun slightly and look to 2016. I know Christmas is only just over and New Year is fast approaching, but I’ve never been a huge fan of the midnight celebrations, so I’m looking towards the next year instead.

2015 took me to some incredible places and I loved every one of my little adventures this year, but I can’t help but constantly look for the next place to visit. So I’ve curated a small list of the top places I’m dreaming of going in the next year. Let’s get this travel ball rolling…


  1. New York City

Let’s start with the biggun’. I visited NYC in 2008 with my family and while we had a look around and got a feel for the place, but my Brother had a big thing for Abercrombie and Fitch at this time. I definitely know the inside of that shop well now. There’s so many places left to visit, like Brooklyn, and Bleaker Street and Central Park which I am dying to go and look around. Hopefully sometime this year will be the year.


2. Berlin

This is a bit of a cop out because, fingers crossed, I will be going to Berlin in February. A little Christmas present from me to my Boyfriend was a pair of gig tickets to see Foals and you know, maybe he’ll take me along too! Again I have been to Berlin before but I feel like it’s one of those places that you could visit many many times and never quite get to the bottom of it. My favourite kinda place.


3. Malta

I’m determined to make Malta my summer destination this year. I think it’s the influence of the sassy Amy Bell, behind The Little Magpie blog and her recent holiday to Malta. It’s not somewhere I’ve every really considered but looks absolutely beautiful – with lots of little winding streets, like an older and more historic Rome which was my summer adventure this year.


4. Stockholm

Pretty much anywhere in Scandinavia has been on my travel wishlist for as long as I can remember, but in particular Stockholm. From what I’ve heard it’s stunning but more than that I just want to immerse myself in Scandi style and interiors and roll around in it until every part of my life is as cool as it gets. The only problem is the general cost of going, but I reckon it’s more than doable with a little look around Airbnb.

All photos sourced from Pinterest.





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My Year in Books

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At the start of the year I made what I thought was a fairly realistic resolution – to read one book a month for the whole year. One year, twelve books, it seemed perfectly doable and I was so up for it. As a child I always, always had my nose in a book and most of the time I didn’t leave the house without one under my arm. I loved a journey somewhere that gave me enough time to get through a few chapters. And then something happened, I guess it just comes down to life, exams, uni, friends came up over the top of sitting down with a good read and like exercise it’s so much harder to start again once you’ve stopped.

So actually I have a rather measly pile of books to share with you here, but in the spirit of rounding things up at the end of the year I thought I would go through them – and then probably start again in the New Year!

  1. The Great Gatsby – F. Scott Fitzgerald

I fully intended on reading this book before I went to see the film. That came out in 2013, so already do you see where I’m coming from? Nevertheless I finally got around to reading it and it was worth the effort of picking it up and down for the first couple of months of the year.

  1.  Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? – Mindy Kaling

This is Mindy’s first book offering and it was a treat! First of all, I just love her and The Mindy Project and so was bound to read her book as soon as I could. It is of course, fabulous and if you’re not already a fan of the sassy lady then you will be by the final page.

  1. The Life Changing Magic of Tidying – Marie Kondo

I have a confession. I did not finish this book. I gave it a good go and it definitely spurred me on to throw out/tidy my flat. This may have also been a coincidence of my impending move but plenty of bin bags have been filled.

  1. When we Were Bad – Charlotte Mendelson

This was the book that was going to get me back on track. I took it on holiday with me and planned on finishing it within the week. It didn’t happen but it fully reminded me of why I to loved reading so much, when you can get so lost in a story that you suddenly look up and hours have flown by. If you like more contemporary novels about modern day families and all the trouble they go through, then this is definitely one to get your hands on.

  1. Get The Glow – Madeleine Shaw

I’m mean, come on. This isn’t even a reading book! I had to include it here, not only because the pile looked so small without it, but because I did actually read it. I fully bought into the hype around Madeleine Shaw and getting ‘The glow’ but I have to say, out of all the new health books released in 2015 this is one of the best. It’s gluten, sugar and dairy free but the recipes look (and taste) so good that you suddenly realise what’s possible without those ingredients. I’ll definitely be using this book A LOT in 2016.

  1. The Decision – Penny Vincenzi

This. This monster of a book was actually last year’s Christmas present. It was gifted to me from my Mum, at my request of ‘a really good book to get me back into reading’. I think she took that to mean the biggest book you can find. I’m still making my way through it, it’s eight hundred-odd pages!

All in all my resolution went out the window in about February when I was still on my first book. I thought I could pick things up when Mindy’s hilarious offering but nope, it slowed right down again. I will without a doubt start this resolution again in 2016, especially as I plan on reading three books from three awesome ladies first – here, here and here. Let’s see if the reading bug will truly bite back next year…

Ps. I hope you liked my cheeky little Santa at the top!

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