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What’s on my iPhone 6

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Back in about August of last year something happened that has never happened to me before. That’s a bit of a dramatic opening sentence to start with, it wasn’t life changing, or medical or anything.

I dropped my phone down the loo.

Actually that’s not even true – my phone fell out of my back pocket and with the motion of pulling my pants down it plopped into the toilet behind me. Luckily I had taken myself into work early that day so it was a freshly cleaned toilet that I then plunged my hand straight into. But my plan of getting lots of early morning work done was scuppered by then rushing into Tesco to buy a bag of value rice, cutting it open and burying my beloved gold phone in to. Suffice to say that fully emerging your phone into a toilet bowl full of water is a certain way of making sure it never works again and I’ve since spent that last eight months with a phone that dies a little bit more every time I try to use it. Don’t even mention Instagram because it has a little meltdown every time I try to fire it up. These things don’t last forever, just be warned.

When the time came for my upgrade I was set on buying the almighty iPhone 6s Plus – the biggest and gold-est phone out there, just to make up for the smashed screen and lack of 3G that I’ve had since the ‘terrible incident’. After much persausion from my evermore exasperated boyfriend I realised that if one small phone can fall out of my pocket then one giant on certainly will. So I settled on the slightly smaller iPhone 6 and (long story short!) I thought I’d show you what I keep on there.

Social Media – I’m going to group all the usual suspects under one umberella here but the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat can all be found. I used to make sure I had Facebook downloaded on my phone at all times in uni but that was mainly so I could keep a check on any photos that were posted from the night out before. Now I use it mainly for messaging and general scrolling when I’m on puplic transport. Instagram is my all time favourite app. I’m obsessed! You can follow me here, but I’ll be doing a little post soon all about my ongoing love for it.

My Fitness Pal – I used to use this quite regularly when I felt the need to count all my calories. In terms of all the health and fitness apps out there I think it’s one of the best. It’s very realisitc when setting up your account, suggesting you aim to lose 1 pound a week and giving a very sensible calorie goal for each day. When it comes to adding your meals for the day it’s list is endless and you are sure to find exactly what you’ve eaten on there.

VSCO – This is my absolute favourite image editing app. Truth be told I currentlt don’t have any kind of editing software available to me so I use this for Instagram and for my photos on here. Due to my lack of memory and outdated ios system I don’t actually have the most up to date version, but I will be making use of those new filters as soon as I can.

Twist – This game is addictive. It’s free, it’s easy to understand and once you’ve got it you won’t be able to stop. DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT. Only do, becuase then I’ll have someone to share my addiction with.

Maps – I used to only use the iMaps that came with the phone but recently I’ve been fully converted to Google Maps. It’s great as a Sat Nav as it actually looks ahead and assess the current traffic situation for you, then offers up an alternative route if there is a quicker one available. Since sitting in traffic is one of my worst pet hates, this is a bit of a lifesaver for me and my mood.

I’m sure there are plenty of other apps out there that I should probably be making use of, but these are what I reach for the most. What kind of apps do you guys use the most? Lemme know…

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